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Storytelling evening for all

IMG_6147Storytelling Evening for all

On Friday 29th August at 7pm

Room 028, the MacRobert Building, University of Aberdeen

Come and listen or partake in a warm evening of storytelling and enjoy tales round the circle from some local tellers, including Sean Gordon, Grace Banks, Maggie Fraser, Fiona-Jane Brown and Jackie Ross.

All adults welcome

All welcome, hope to see you there!

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To begin




This last time has seen me meeting some special folk from Glenbuchat to Forres, Muir of Ord to Easter Anguston farm.

I am always fascinated to hear and learn from other people’s stories, their views, their experience.

Everyone contributes to this.

I heard a story told by of a young man who had so much fear, it stunted his life and physicality, but how in an atmosphere of love and acceptance he filled out and grew in stature as a complete, wise person. How many of us looking back can pinpoint those who gave us of their time, their skill, their presence and in so doing added richly to the fabric of who we are today? I would seize on moments with my father, whom I so rarely saw. He was busy, distracted but I can see him with pencil in hand on the yellow-checked tablecloth showing me how to draw perspective. I have never forgotten.

During an outdoor play session I was with a young man who on holding my little harp drew his finger up the strings and said, “It’s a rainbow.”

Drink and receive 🙂