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Launching of a new book…


‘Scottish Urban Myths and Ancient Legends’ is a book full of dark, murky tales from the cities and stories of old from around the land, interspersed with Sheena’s wry humour and Grace’s warm telling, a book to be relished!

It came out on the 6th of October 2014 and to celebrate we have had some launch events at:

Books and Beans on 13th November, doors open from 6pm-8pm, upstairs. Refreshments available prior to event.

Waterstones on 4th December, from 6.30-8pm, upstairs. Refreshments available prior to event.

But this week we are at Edinburgh Story Centre, High Street, Edinburgh on 14th January 2015, from 6-8pm in the Storytelling Courtyard, and you are warmly invited!

As with last year, Sheena and I will intersperse the evening with song and story, but we would be delighted for you to come and contribute in some way. We hope you can join us.


P&J Book of the Week, Saturday 10th January 2015:


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Variety – the spice of life…


If I am beginning to learn one lesson, it is that I need to make room for those things that are important in life including personal space, family and friends. Which actually means taking out the diary and blanking out times and days that cannot be touched.

What and who are the most precious things in my life? Am I treating them as such or do I take them for granted, feel guilty but promise I will do better later, vaguely, somewhere down the line.

Being self-employed is both a joy and a harsh teacher. It is all about learning the hard way about how easy it is to say yes when it needs to be no, unless I am given freedom to manage it in a more realistic manner or timescale.                                

As a person who often works from the heart I require my head to be more bossy – to do a catch up on the paperwork, to complete that list before I relax, but also to help me see when I am fatigued and would work better if rest, a walk or a cuppa with pals is needed.

Thanks to all of you who teach me through your attitudes and struggles about keeping on walking on our convoluted journey.

Courage onwards.