A simple life is a happy one, learning to enjoy, explore and discover whatever your age :)

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Enjoy the little things


Adventures in Wee Joyce

Pancakes wi strawbugs, choc sauce and yogurt while sat in the green wi ma dog Bertie snuggled up opposite me.

The sun is glowing on the trees, I’m watching the treecreepers, mouse-like, busily insect gathering as they wind their way up the trees, and then lightly swoop on to the next.

Where am I? Ootside ma door on a peaceful Sunday morning, sitting in ma wee campervan, Joyce. You dinna hiv tae go far tae be awa fae yer door


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Tales in your Pocket – now available


The wonder of wandering and discovering is such a joy and a privilege, for the child in all of us.

These last years have brought me to know that being in the green is no longer an option, it is essential. As nature draws me in I can breathe again.

This little booklet of tales, songs, games and activities has grown from my wanderings alone and with youngsters.

For those who feel the outdoors is important but are not sure where to begin this little resource can be a wee stepping stone to new adventures and joy whatever your age. I created it for families, groups and those specifically working in the outdoors and it complemnts the wee CD, ‘Songs from the woods’ which is also available from my website.

Enjoy 🙂