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Experimenting wi concoctions and play wi yer bairns

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It is fun letting youngsters discover things for themselves, whether tree climbing or simply different textures, quantities and colours.

In the kitchen I well remember mum letting us go wild with our own creations – most failures, some successes, but we learned through it!

The key, dear adult, is learning to enjoy a home that’s a muddle and a mess with play-full happy people, where your own inner child is given free reign.


A very well-engineered cooker

You don’t have to go far to disappear into a different world……

Rose petal perfume: rose petals placed in water.

Sugarelly: place a liquorice stick in an empty bottle, add water and a little sugar. Tighten lid and place in a dark place and shake every day for a week! How does it taste?

Play dough: place 2 cups plain flour, 1 cup salt, 4 tablespoons cream o tartar in a saucepan, mix. Add 2 cups water, colouring, 2 tablespoons veg oil. Warm gently for 3-5 minutes over a low heat. Roll out onto a dry, smooth surface allow to cool until little hands will not be hurt. Then knead and flatten – wonderful. Once cool wrap in plastic to prevent the dough from drying out.

Mud pies: add water to a small mud area – collect a few spoons, plastic jug, bowls, saucepan, sieve, cups, a baking tray – hours of fun.


An outdoor shop: selling mud pies/soup/cakes paid for with dandelion/daisy pennies.

Sand miniature gardens on a tray: place sand on an old tray or cardboard box lined with a bin bag. Decorate with stone paths, sprigs of green as bushes/trees, little flowerbeds with daisies, speedwell etc, fencing with matchsticks/twigs. Add little animals or make a wee house or a farm.

A den: this can be outdoors or in – a few branches if outdoors, blankets or scarves over chairs indoors.


Indoor shop: create a box of cardboard empties, containers etc eg toothpaste, hot choc, tea, salt, juice cartons etc. Create sale tickets, receipts. Set up a corner with a cardboard box.

What about a library, hospital? Often the most fun is had in the setting up of these things. It is play in itself.

Mural wall: a long strip of old wallpaper, PVC glue – what’s a summer theme? Shells, waves, flower pictures (painted, created from junk, or cut out from old magazines).

Dressing up: create a box of discarded clothes or raid the 2nd hand shop for some colour and glitter, heels and jewellery. Or outdoors ferns and sticky wullie make wonderful headresses!


At Mucky Boots Kindergarten, Maryculter


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