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Chirpy Challenge 7

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Hi abody, good to have you along 🙂

What is this bird?

To help you identify it think about:

– what colours can you see? Check out the pictures below to help you.

– compare this bird’s beak with the other birds you have seen on Chirpy Challenges – What’s different? What do you think it eats?

Challenge – can you draw this bird?

Use this website and check under the letter ‘C’:…/wildlife-guides/…/

This is the chaffinch, and it’s part of the family of finches.



Bird gear

Beaks – can you see the chaffinch beak is broader than the other birds you have met? The chaffinch eat seeds as well as insects, including caterpillars.

Some finches specialise in eating flower buds.

Feathers – the male (Mr) chaffinch has a beautiful pink tummy and cheeks, the female (Mrs) is less colourful but still lovely 🙂

F Donmouth 30.3.20

Challenge – can you remember why the female bird is often ‘quieter’ colours?

Bird song

If you are listening out for the chaffinch song, it is a simple decrescendo. I think it sounds like it’s voice is coming downstairs. You listen and see what you think:

Challenge – can you put words to this ditty to help you remember it is the chaffinch?

The chaffinch also has a call, often referred to as ‘pink!’ So if you can remember the colour of the male’s tummy, maybe that will help you remember the bird!

Here is a video of the male ‘pink-ing’


Time for a Tale – this is called The King and his Three Children


Challenge – can you make up a story about a magic feather?

Be great to hear your comments, see your drawings and hear your tales, you can add them to the Woodside or the Silverhaar facebook page 🙂

See you tomorrow!

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