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Chirpy Challenge 9

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Mornin abody, good to hae y back again 🙂

Today’s bird is one you may have seen.

In the picture look at the size of its beak. What do you think it eats?

What colours can you see on its feathers?

What do you think it is doing in the film?

Challenge – can you draw this bird?

Use this website and see if you can find out it’s name under the letter ‘C’:…/wildlife-guides/…/

This bird is a crow. It is part of a family of birds called crows, so that its full name is the carrion crow.

seaton pk 30.3.20

Bird gear and behaviour

The male (Mr) and female (Mrs) look very alike, though the male is slightly larger.

Crows can be seen in small groups, and sometimes nest together.

Challenge – do you know what a group of crows are called?


Eating habits – the crow will eat anything it can get its beak into, and will relish anything that has died – they are great scaffies, especially for roadkill.


Intelligent – I have seen a crow take chicks from a blackbird nest and once a friend watched a crow calculate how to catch a fast little bird while it exited its nest…it was successful.

In my garden, the crows were the first one to find the water bowl I put out, and each day this crow would bring bread and dump it in the water to soften it.



Time for a talein many stories, the crow is wise and far-seeing, like in this Inuit story called ‘How Crow Brought Light’.


More challenge!

Can you name these other birds that are part of the crow family? Answers tomorrow 🙂






Be great to hear your comments, see your drawings and hear your tales, you can add them to the Woodside or the Silverhaar facebook page 🙂

See you tomorrow for our final Chirpy Challenge for now!




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