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Chirpy Challenge 11

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Good morning abody 🙂

Here’s your challenge o the week! What’s this bird?

Have you ever heard one sing?IMG_6758

This bird looks black in some lights, but when the sun shines it has beautiful gleaming colours.

Check out the bill – what do you think it eats?

Challenge – can you draw it?

This is a starling.

IMG_6757starling huddle


The male (Mr) and female (Mrs) look similar, but the young are pale, like this:


and gradually the coloured feathers come in like these scruffy ones below 🙂IMG_2090


Eating – they like insects, but starlings will find food anywhere!


…from the bin


…insects from the back of sheep

Community-minded – most of the year starlings like to be in a group. In Spring they nest and raise their young and then group together again.

During the winter they often rise in the air in huge flocks and move beautifully in sync with one another. This is called a murmuration.

Here’s a film of a murmuration:

Challenge: can you draw a murmuration?

Singing – starlings have an interesting song! What do you think it sounds like?

These birds are renowned for copying things from gulls, to mobile phones to lawn mowers! Listen below:


Time for a Talehere’s a story about ‘The Little Tailor’, see if you recognise the bird in this story 🙂

Well it’s been nice to see you all. Keep an eye open for more posts next week.

There’ll be a variety for you to enjoy different things in nature.

Hope to see some of your pictures or stories up soon!

See you soon 🙂




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My work springs from my love of nature and supporting others to touch, discover and be in the outdoors. This work often intermingles with my love of story, music and song.

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