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Shoebox Garden Challenge

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Hi Folks 🙂

Would you like to create a mini garden in a box?

Below are step-by-step instructions on how to make one.


One Seed Forward Competition

One Seed Forward are offering a £20 gardening token for the best shoebox garden – read about how to enter here:

  • You can make a rock garden, bee-friendly herb garden, sensory garden – the only rule is it has to have 1 edible plant.
  • You have to be under 16 to enter.
  • All entries have to be in by Sunday 28th June 2020.
  • A photo of your garden has to go up on their facebook page here:      or email your picture to:

Let’s make a garden



Below are step-by-step ideas to help you along

Make a plan

Here’s a wee video to help you:

Here is the created plan:

1c Shoebox garden plan

Find a box

3 My box

I had to cut off the lid of the box


Make the box bonny

5 Covered in bonny paper

If you want, you can measure the box and work out how much paper you will need

Make the box waterproof

7 Plastic bag in

Make sure the plastic is covering the sides of the box too!


Add mud

9 Fill up the box

Fill the box with mud up to about 3cm below the top

A pond

11 A wee stock pot - perfect!

I found a stock pot container – it’s just right!


Now for some plants

13 Speedwell - dug up with roots

Here’s a wee plant I’ve dug up, called Speedwell. I made sure I dug up the roots, otherwise it can’t grow


Add water


Add a baby tree



Add the tree to the garden

18 Put tree in the mud and water it

I made sure I dug the seedling up with its roots and now I’m giving it water

Add a fence

Use wee sticks to make a fence, then put string or wool round the posts for the wire

Add a stone path

A stone for a seat

Add some greenery with carrot tops


Add the green and blue

Fill in the gaps


Find a wee plant or seeds to grow

One Seed Forward might provide if you email 🙂


I found a wee mint plant


Finished – let’s watch it grow


I’d love to see some of your gardens, if you’d like to send pictures to my facebook page 🙂



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