A simple life is a happy one, learning to enjoy, explore and discover whatever your age :)

The Outdoors


I have worked with many people in nature, from simple story walks, seeing what we can discover on route, enhanced by stories and song, or being in a place to settle in and play, make fire, cook, whittle, find, create pattern, watch spiders scuttle and hear birds sing.

I can work with individual groups, schools, young in age or those who want to be more young at heart. Come and be in the green.

Middleton Park P7’s were inspired to create their own space tales, using findings from the wood: Middleton Park – Space Stories

After Woodside Primary staff enjoyed an in-service day of fun, exploring the local outdoors, their comments said it all…


Fun to be childlike! Explore yourself, freedom

Embrace nature – colours, light, wild, beautiful

Quiet, peaceful, safe, relaxing

New experience

Wilderness factor, fresh air

 They enjoyed

Teachers, PSA’s, nursery staff – all together

A willingness to work together, share ideas, teamwork/building

Enthusiasm, inspiration, fun, reduced fear, confidence

 And now…

Eagerness to get outdoors with our children

Not so scary to take kids out of nursery as we have explored the area ourselves

How important outdoors is in enriching children’s learning

The outdoors provides so much!

Linked to all areas of the curriculum

Useful activities to adapt to topic – ideas for games, activities

How much learning opportunities are in one area

New knowledge and skills of using the outdoors to facilitate learning

Learned about nature



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