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Chirpy Challenge 3

Hi abody,

Good to have you along 🙂

Anyhoo… I think most will have seen this wee bird going about.

Today’s bird is the robin.

The song

When you listen to the robin in this video, there are so many other birds singing it might be hard to hear which one is the robin. Here’s a recording of one: Continue reading

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Chirpy Challenge 1

Mar 20

The Blue tit

Hi abody,

Today’s bird is the blue tit 🙂

I asked you why is it called a blue tit? I think it is because when you see it flash by, that is one of its striking colours. What do you think? It has many other colours too.

Challenge  – what colours do you see on the blue tit? Can you draw it?

The bird in the video is not taking food to its babies, it is cleaning out the hoose – removing baby bird poo! They are very clean little birds.

Here is a wee tale about some baby blue tits:

The Fledglings

Continue reading