A simple life is a happy one, learning to enjoy, explore and discover whatever your age :)



Hi, thanks for popping by,

In my varied work as outdoor Fun Explore Discover co-ordinator, storyteller, felter, singer, musician and life-coach, I work with many interesting folk in schools, woods, community spaces, prisons, professional work placesI learn as much as I give.

Can I support you? Are you or your group keen to explore life, have fun or enable steps onwards in confidence? Please press on the highlighted links below to see what I can offer you.

Or get in touch here.

Thanks, Grace

2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hello grace ,
    Hope you don’t mind me contacting you through your website- I got the link from dawn Ewan x I’m on the scrounge again! Newtonhill are having a “school grounds improvement day” on Friday 30th September that i am hoping you can be part of . It’s all in planning stage just now so it could really be ANYTHING . It may be you work with one class , you set a carousel activity and different classes come to you , you give us ideas and we carry out the actual activity or .,,,,,,???? Totally open to ideas . I’d need to run idea and budget past Lesley Tullock the head teacher too .
    Also appreciate if you are swamped and can’t be part of it either x
    Many thanks
    Jorgi Matthew


    • Hey Jorgi,

      Good to hear from you, have a few ideas about the 30th, which could be for a few classes. Depends if you want a half or full day really. Half is £150, full is £180 – let me know which, if either, and I will run off a few thochts 🙂



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