A simple life is a happy one, learning to enjoy, explore and discover whatever your age :)

Telling a tale from eye to heart


Stories are everywhere, in the lines of a face, in a tumbled down home, in the shape of a cloud or sweet bird song.

Apparently I have been telling tales since I was three and have never really stopped!

I am happy telling to anyone who wants to be part of a story circle, from those who are barely walking to folk who have reached the time of life when a seat is preferable! Whether school groups – special needs included, to teens to adults, prisons, libraries, it can be anywhere, indoors or outdoors.


I am a member of the Scottish Storytelling Directory, and am happy to travel to you! I am also involved locally with the university and local tellers.

I have worked with the Reading Bus for many years, creating stories and supporting youngsters to engage in a lively colourful way, see:

If you are more interested in creative writing or performance skills, I am happy to work with individuals or groups to support you onwards.

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