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Tattie Harvest

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The story of the tattie

Once there wis a tattie
Once there wis a tattie
I pit it in the grun (I put it in the ground) 
An fan I wint tae look at it (And when I went to look at it)
A wee bit shoot I foun (A little shoot I found)
The shoot it grew an grew an grew 
An syne became a plant (And then became a plant)
Weel syne I heft't ma tatties (Well then I dug up my potatoes)
An hiv as much as I want! (And I eat as much as I want)

Tattie in a bag

Back in April we grew a tattie in a bag, see here to read more; and in July I lifted that tattie to see what fruit it had grown ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s what I found:

A tattie in water

Inside ma house I thought I would try an experiment.

I took a tattie with eyes, took all of them off, except one. I made a hole in a yogurt pot lid and placed the tattie on it, over a plastic cup filled 3/4 with water. The eye facing down towards the water, but not in it.

And I watched:

I have now added a wee bit fertiliser – this poor tattie has only had water up till now! I will keep recording its growth and let you know what happens ๐Ÿ™‚

Author: graceeyetoheart

My work springs from my love of nature and supporting others to touch, discover and be in the outdoors. This work often intermingles with my love of story, music and song.

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