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Chirpy Challenge 4

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Hi abody, good to hae you back again 🙂

So what is this bird?

Use this website and check under the letter ‘B’:…/wildlife-guides/…/

In Scotland, this bird is kent as the mavis, but you might know it as the blackbird.

Look at its shape and size compared to the branches

Do you know the names of any birds that are black?

This bird sings in the early morning and in the evening.

If you heard the robin song yesterday, are they similar?

What is different?

If you listen carefully, can you hear another bird singing the same song? There’s a bit o competition going on.



Can you see the beautiful orange ring around the blackbird’s eye? And he has a bright orange beak.

The male (Mr) blackbird is black but the female (Mrs) is brown. Are there any other differences? Why do you think this is?IMG_0414

Challenge – can you draw the blackbirds?





Did you join the RSPB drawapictureofabirdday today?

Here is a film of them both in my garden


Time for a Tale  Frilly is a cuckoo, which is a bird that arrives in the UK in April from the south. It normally does not make a nest, but lays its eggs in other birds’ nests and then flies away. But Frilly might be different with a little help from Mrs Blackbird…IMG_1134


Extra intel

Bird Clothes


In the bird world, protecting young is very important. Many female birds have soft, quiet colours to blend in with their surroundings so that egg/chick-eating birds,


 like the magpie in this picture, do not see the nest. And when baby birds grow their first set of feathers, some have soft muted colours too so that they can hide until they learn to fly.




Challenge – can you camouflage yourself somewhere in your home?

Feathers follow on

In yesterday’s Chirpy Challenge we looked at feathers.

Can you work out what feather is for what purpose here?



Challenge – can you make some feathers out of paper?

Or find some outside?

** please note you should always wash your hands after touching feathers**

You could make a bird picture using the feathers – best to do this out of doors and take a photo please 🙂


Be great to hear your comments, see your drawings and hear your tales, you can add them to the Woodside or the Silverhaar facebook page 🙂
See you tomorrow

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